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Chaos to Joy, by BPP Founder Debra Schatzki

Chaos to Joy, by BPP Founder Debra Schatzki

Leslie, a self-employed single mom, lost her father, mother and younger sister all in the same year and was faced with the huge task of managing all three estates. Ray, a successful business owner, died suddenly leaving Janet, his wife of 27 years, grappling with what to do with the business. And, Constance and her sister Melinda were named caretakers and beneficiaries of their elderly friends. What do these stories all have in common? All of these women met their financial challenges head-on with a big assist from Debra Schatzki and her team.

Every day we all face financial issues, and hopefully most of them are not as chaotic as these women’s situations. But what happens when they are? In Chaos to Joy, Debra shares these real-life client stories and more—in her clients’ own words—and the strategies that helped overcome seemingly insurmountable financial crises.

Read these stories and be inspired to build, protect and preserve your wealth, and more importantly, find your financial peace of mind.

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