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At BPP, we specialize in moving clients from uncertainty to clarity, from Chaos to Joy.

Subduing Sibling Strife

Constance was worried that her sister Melinda had been “borrowing” from the neighbor’s estate. It turns out that she took a loan, intent on deducting it from the proceeds she was due to receive from the estate. Sound fishy to you?

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Widowed Mother of Three

At the age of 50, Janet lost her husband to a heart attack and inherited the family business, along with her mother-in-law, Pat.

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Balancing Three Estates Amid Grief

Imagine losing your father, mother and sister all in the same year. That’s what happened to Leslie, a 56-year-old woman who found herself overwhelmed after all three members of her family died.

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Divorce, Single Parenting, and Loss

After a recent divorce, Michelle took on two jobs and was new to handling her own finances.

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