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Kelly Pearce

Kelly Pearce

Investment & Retirement Professional

WHAT she does for our clients

Kelly ensures that all client investment accounts are properly opened and maintained, plus she assists with Security Income Planning. Kelly works closely with the team, as well as our strategic partners, to facilitate client transactions and ensure the highest level of client service.

WHEN she started

Kelly pursued her first professional experience in healthcare finance and accounting, but soon realized her passion for personal wealth management. Consequently, she enthusiastically pursued a career at BPP to learn the business and advise clients.

WHERE she went to school and what degrees she has

Kelly is a recent graduate of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA, with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance.

WHY she does what she does

Kelly has always been driven to help others. She is thrilled to have found an opportunity to focus on finance and make a difference for clients every day.


Kelly enjoys baking, traveling and spending time with her close friends and family. On the weekends you can find her trying out new macaron recipes, exploring neighborhood restaurants, or at the beach.